A Letter from Santa Squad member Minty

30th November 2023 Progressive Players News
A Letter from Santa Squad member Minty Share This Entry:

We got a letter from one of the elves coming to visit us this weekend from the North Pole earlier this week. We got special permission from Santa himself to share it with all our friends coming to see us this weekend for Santa’s Knockout Christmas.

What is the most exciting thing about Christmas? The snow? I love snow. The Christmas dinner? Yes, that’s great! The sweets? Mmm yes! Being with your family? That’s lovely. the cards? Ooh, I do love the cards!!!  But for me the very most exciting thing about Christmas is – THE PRESENTS!!!! I just LOVE presents!! Presents are BRILLIANT!!! I love the pretty Christmas paper and the gift bags! And the ribbon and the bows! Seeing the beautiful boxes and trying to guess what’s inside them is just SO EXCITING!!!

I’m SOOO happy to be in Santa Squad this year!! I’m really excited! It’s all about the presents you see and presents are my absolute all-time favourite thing! I’ll get to work for Santa, help him choose the presents, wrap them up and put them in the right places on the sleigh. That’s how I’ve got to know the Time Fairies who help Santa deliver all the presents in one night! All the elves and fairies in Santa Squad are so nice. We’re all such good friends and we love working together. Talking of that, I’ve just taken a quick break to write this for you. I’ve got to get back to work now – I’ve got to get all of those presents on the sleigh in time for Christmas Eve!

See you very very soon!

Minty Elf

Wow…. we can’t wait to meet Minty Elf on 2 and 3 December.

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