Hire costumes, properties and furniture from our collection

Costumes & accessories

Needing to clothe an entire cast for your own stage production? Hunting for a single outfit to wear at a murder mystery night?

The Progressive Players wardrobe department contains a vast stock of garments and accessories, suitable for most historical periods right up to the present day. We began making and hiring out our own costumes in the 1920s, and our collection has grown to include Shakespearean doublets, flapper dresses, military and police uniforms, crinolines, tuxedos, wedding dresses, lounge suits, evening gowns and much, much more. There are also bonnets and crowns, helmets and hats, shoes and boots, handbags and gloves.


Seeking a candlestick telephone? Looking for a smoothing iron?

Our props room is a delightful treasure store of items. Some are authentic vintage pieces, while others have been created from scratch for use on stage.


Chasing down a chaise longue? Wanting a Victorian-style whatnot?.

We have a varied range of furniture and seating.

Our hire charges for costumes, props and furniture are very competitive. We ask for a deposit of 100% of the total hire fee, to be paid in advance. We are pleased to offer special reductions for educational institutions.

Prospective customers are welcome to come and have a look before deciding on their exact requirements – we will do our best to agree a convenient time to visit.

Contact us for details.