A Foley Artist…. on stage?

24th November 2023 Progressive Players News
A Foley Artist…. on stage? Share This Entry:

For the Progressive Players’ first foray into the well-loved art of the radio play we are taking it classic with a Christmas story which will put a nostalgic smile on your face and set you up for Christmas.

The production of It’s a Wonderful Life we are doing is an adaptation of the much-loved Christmas film by Joe Landry. Our stage is being set to look just like a classic radio studio – so you’re going to see our actors and two foley artists!

A foley artist is a term borrowed from film, to mean a crew member who uses everyday and theatrical items to make realistic, everyday sound effects. Some of the items they use will be very obvious – others you won’t guess until you hear the sounds they make in conjunction with the story. There are also some classic items already used in the theatre, open on stage for the first time – like a wind machine! Our radio play will give you a chance to see what goes on in a radio play live on our stage. Our two foley artists are sure to help build the atmosphere of It’s a Wonderful Life and help you really feel part of the story, even as your reactions contribute to the soundscape!

Feel like you are part of the story of It’s a Wonderful Life in a brand-new way in this fully immersive radio play experience.

It’s a Wonderful Life runs from 5 to 8 December. Buy your tickets online now